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Organising events at the Dobrna Thermal Spa

Do you wish to organise a lecture, seminar, congress or a banquet? Converse with your associates or business partners without being interrupted by phones or unexpected visitors? Do you organise social events, dances or fashion shows?

At Dobrna Spa we can provide you with a suitable venue for your event. Three of our hotel buildings provide you with a choice of 8 venues of different sizes for various purposes. With the aid of technical equipment and expert help, effort and courtesy of our staff, we will make sure your event goes exactly as planned.
In addition, our serene surroundings will provide a creative ambiance and relaxed work pace.

Technical equipment

  •  projection screen
  •  VCR
  • CD player
  • microphone
  • DVD player
  • overhead projector
  • flip chart
  • cassette tape player
  • data projector
  • video projector
  • plasma screen
  • sound system
  • laptop computer

Business venues and capacities:
The Vivat Conference Hall at the Vita Hotel

  • 54 seats,
  • the hall in the shape of an amphitheatre will provide high quality presentation and topic comprehension

The Viva Seminar Room at the Vita Hotel

  • 20 seats,
  • suitable for smaller board and business meetings

The Spa Room at the Treatment Home

  • 150-200 seats,
  • various seating arrangements (up to 100 seats) with different sized tables are available; outstanding acoustics in a stylishly decorated historic hall with a centuries-old tradition; suitable for seminars, events, performances, banquets, wedding ceremonies, gatherings and ceremonial dinners.

The Blue Salon at the Treatment Home

  • up to 50 seats,
  • venue for seminars, promotions and smaller banquets

The Glass Room at the Treatment Home

  • up to 40 seats,
  • various seating arrangements available; excellent for promotional events

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SI-3204 Dobrna
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Tel:  +386 3 78 08 118
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