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Start a new day completely regenerated – with Jet Peel – Hydro Bliss therapy

Natural lifting with an immediate effect is a novelty that provides your face with a smooth, firm and glowing skin just after a couple of visits to the outpatient clinic for aesthetic surgery Balnea Aesthetics at Terme Dolenjske Toplice. Jet Peel – Hydro Bliss is an efficient and completely natural method that enables lymphatic drainage, peeling and mesotherapy – without the use of a needle. Tea Jedlovčnik Štrumbelj, PhD, specialized in plastic, reconstruction and aesthetic surgery, ensures you that the new therapy with water and oxygen is suitable for treating acne, skin spots and even for treating baldness.

How does Jet Peel - Hydro Bliss work? Its advantage is that the method is non-invasive (no needles), pleasant, not expensive and with visible results just after a couple of treatments. The treatment is enjoyable and safe, while the cutting-edge technology enables an efficient use of natural substances – water and oxygen.

High-pressure jet of oxygen and physiological solution is sprayed onto the skin at the speed of 200 m/s through a tiny nozzle on a special hand piece. Micro droplets gently but efficiently remove dead skin cells, while instantly improving circulation, balancing the moisture and toning the skin. Other treatments do not usually remove microscopically small impurities because they stay out of reach for they are located e.g. between the cells, in epidermal gaps, in perspiration secretion or in hair follicle roots; however, this treatment removes even the smallest ones. Improved metabolism and oxygen stimulate the production of collagen and enable firm and soft skin. After the deep skin cleansing, the effect can be improved by adding vitamins, hyaluronic acid and glycolic acid. Namely, the pressure enables the micro parts of substances to penetrate deeply into the skin and thus nourish it, firm it and equalize the complexion.

Jet Peel – Hydro Bliss therapy enables visible results due to multi-layer activity: deep facial cleansing

  • vitamins or hyaluronic acid infusions (no needles) that enable a lifting effect and smoothing of small wrinkles
  • Rosacea treatment
  • dark spots treatment
  • acne treatment with glycolic acid infusion
  • Hydra-dermabrasion
  • deep hydration and oxygenation
  • lymphatic drainage
  • improving cellulite skin and stretch marks.

Is it suitable for skin with blackheads? Jet Peel - Hydro Bliss therapy efficiently treats acne, removes impurities and blackheads, closes the pores and deeply moisturizes the skin. The results can be noticed after only one visit. To achieve even better results, the therapist can suggest the use of glycolic acid, vitamin C or a combination of vitamins A+E, depending on the skin condition. Completely natural substances are used for the treatment and they do not cause any allergies. Additional substances or additional treatments (chemical peel) enable us to successfully treat the spots that have remained on the skin due to removing blackheads, even with the older skin.

How many treatments are needed? In order to achieve the best results, 6 treatments are sometimes needed in periods of 10 to 31 days. However, the skin is visibly regenerated just after one treatment. This is why we recommend it for special occasions, e.g. when you want to glow on a special day or evening – before the wedding ceremony, prom dance or an important business event.

Can it be performed in summer? Its effects are extremely valuable during the summer, for it deeply moisturizes the skin. What is more, the therapy lowers the skin temperature and provides the necessary refreshment and lymphatic drainage. It soothes inflamed and irritated skin.

Is the therapy expensive? Lower prices are another advantage of the therapy. Basic facial treatment costs 60 Euros; facial treatment with additional substances costs 85 Euros. Basic hand treatment costs 20 and hand treatment with additional substances costs 35 Euros.

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Terme Čatež Summer Thermal Riviera - direction AMUSEMENT

We have been trying all the years to be perfect: inovative, funny and spirit & soul friendly Spa offering to its guests the most we can. Our goal is to offer something new to each visitor; we have completed the infrastructure, have got a sand course, in short - a dream vacation is just a click (facebook) away and with a bit of luck… everything is possible.

TERME**** Hotel – the location of this summer

By three floors enlarged modern TERME**** hotel embodies everything for a cosy vacation and leasure time: a beautiful outdoor setting or the indoor relaxation in the Health&Beauty Centre: Chinese or Indian Massage, sea-algae or exotic fruit body wraps, Roman-Irish baths – a two-hour thermal-water ralaxative treatment for body and soul. The Centre has got an out- and indoor thermal water pool, whirlpools, solariums, saunas, fitness and a beauty studio. The vicinity of the Sava river bank, water programmes and sports activities and other amenities make it an ideal setting for the most appealing vacation. The hotel self-service restaurant offers to its guests a rich variety of food (also bio crop growing ingredients) for breakfast and many a culinary and visual pleasure in the MM-Restaurant.

A pirate or chief Indian?

Only a few meters away from the Summer Thermal Riviera, the Indian village is an ideal place to spend an unforgettable vacation. For young and old alike. Where the time has stopped for a moment and the overwhelming sounds of nature bring you the release and peace of mind. And the new day bringing you new and fresh experiences and challenges. A real Indian canoe will be there for you to take you for the boating trip across the lake, you will experience the magic of sitting around the open fire at night, telling stories, singing and dancing the traditional Indian dances.

Pirate's bay is a drop away from the Indian village, Summer Thermal Riviera and Apartment village. It is an ideal place to spend an unforgettable vacation with family, in couple or for team building programmes.

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Vitarium's 5th anniversary – come and celebrate with us!

The wellness centre at Terme Šmarješke Toplice, that we named Vitarium Spa&Clinique five years ago, was the first one in Slovenia that introduced complex medical wellness programs. Living a healthy lifestyle is the motto of the centre – they treat the problems of a modern man who leads a stressful life, who is overweight, who ages too fast, who cannot sleep, … Individuals are able to cope with the challenges of the modern world more successfully by choosing quality and diverse programs for pampering and programs for active relaxation and time-off. In honour of our anniversary, we have prepared special offers for our guests, fun entertainment programs at the pools, and improved the existing programs...

I’m going to lose weight!

It’s never too late! However, better sooner than later … Take care of yourself and your well-being – tone the flabby skin, get rid of the fat around your waist and belly, be satisfied with yourself and put a smile on your face! A 5-day program SlimFit at Krka’s Terme Šmarješke Toplice is the right solution.

Efficient and healthy

Is it possible? Does it last? Yes, with the right professionals and individual treatment. Slim-Fit program, led by a professional nutrition expert and a personal coach, efficiently solves the problem of excessive body weight and helps to reduce the problematic body parts (waist, thighs, hips). All this is possible with the correct combination of physical activities, a healthy diet and modern and safe methods of burning fat that firm the flabby body parts and improve tissue flexibility, elasticity and regeneration. The program includes condition analysis (tissue structure analysis), treatments (weight loss aroma massage, Slim-Fit body treatment, salt and fragrant oil peeling, aroma massage detoxification bath, IR lipolysis, anti-cellulite body treatment), physical activities (Nordic walking in the open air or PACE exercise, water aerobics in thermal water, cardio cross training), initial and final consultation on nutrition and physical activity counselling. All of the above - a five-day program with accommodation at the Vitarium Hotel**** superior - for 535,00 Euros!

Girlfriends’ club or women’s time-off …

We have prepared a special two- or three-day program for women at Terme Šmarješke Toplice Spa & Wellness. It includes different activities, specially designated for the gentle gender: swimming, massages, saunas, treatments. It also includes a visit to the cosmetician’s and a group consultation on nutrition. Your loved ones will love your energy when you return home. A two-day girls-only holiday package with full board costs 158 Euros; however, if you bring along three girlfriends, you get the whole program for free according to our special offer.

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Pampering between the sky and the sea

If you have never been to Strunjan, then it’s high time you went. Not only because of the well-known Terme Krka’s thalassotherapy centre, but also because you haven’t seen the greenest part of the (not so large, yet magnificent) Slovenian coast...

The sunny bay of well-being, as we like to call it, has more than 2300 hours of sun per year and an extraordinary location in a pine grove in the heart of a protected landscape park. You can admire the sunset next to the thousands of years old saltpans, in the vicinity of vital energy points, in the Moon Bay, or just gaze at the inspiring white cross...

Talaso Strunjan, situated in the embrace of the green Mediterranean, offers numerous possibilities for sport and entertainment all year round. It is definitely more inviting to stay at the seaside in the summer when everything smells nice, when everybody feels young, happy and satisfied. You know it’s true!

Indulge in some pampering – in the embrace of the new comfortable rooms at the Svoboda Hotel**** with: half board with the abundant self-service breakfast and self-service meals, free entrance to the renovated pools with heated seawater, swimming in the crystal clear Strunjan sea and with a view of the Piran town wall, visiting saunas at half-price, … Welcome!

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Experience an unforgettable summer in Rogaska

  • Enjoying the unique healing mineral water with beneficial effects on the world.
  • Indulging in a better hotel, with friendly staff, excellent furnished room and excellent additional supply.
  • Enjoy the most delicious pleasures of food and culinary creativity, an
  • Kristal in a restaurant à la carte restaurant Kaiser.
  • Relax and let your most beautiful walks in the green oasis of peace and a new park, touch and enrich your body and spirit with wonderful naturale energy.
  • With attention to every individual and to further offer our most fun you conjure up leisure time to meet your needs.

In a centuries-long history of shining, the sandy paths along the landscaped park with fairy Rogaška Rogaška magic glass of mineral water in the hands of many prominent gostje.We walk you to join them on their way to health and experience the charm Rogaska.

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Summertime at Terme Dobrna

Summer offers at Terme Dobrna include:

  • Hiking package (already for 220 EUR per person (5 x half board, 3 x guided hikes...)
  • All Inclusive already for 173 € per person (3 x all inclusive, 1 x daily entry to the Sauna land in Terme Dobrna, unlimited swimming in thermal swimming pools...)
  • The smell of Green Summer already for 137 EUR per person (3 x half board)
  • Cavitation painless revolutionary service for cellulite reduction and body firming in July only 79 EUR (regular price 99 EUR)

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Summer holiday below the Lendava vineyards

Can you imagine the murmur of the water, swimming in olympic swimming pool, sliding down the slide, kids playing on the beach, your sight reaching all the way to the Lendava vineyards… No, this is not a dream, it's real. All this is a part of the offer in Terme Lendava, where guests are treated as welcomed friends and where they can enjoy excellent coulinary specialities. Guests coming to Terme Lendava like to combine comfortable with useful. The wonders prevention effects of thermal water is being enhanced with sight-seeing in Lendava, region and neighbouring countries. Our guests want to get rid of their medical problems, stress and want to gather new energy or have small kids, who want a lot of unforgettable adventures. Our guests like meeting new people and feel good in company with friends. They want to be a guest and not just a number, for them and their family they expect the best. They cherish the fact, that their time for vacation is the time for them, and use it for active holiday in lots of swimming pools, in wonderful surrounding nature, by foot or on bicycle, but always among friends.

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Summer at Terme 3000

He will stand by the most courageous ones when they will try their first ride on the adrenaline water slide Aqua-loop and will help to hit the golf holes on the nearby golf course Livada to all those who prefer tranquillity.

The aqua park TERME 3000 with 11 indoor and outdoor pools of various shapes and sizes invites you to adventurous and funny summer refreshment. Besides numerous water slides many peaceful corners can be found for everyone who simply wants to relax in the shade of large Pannonian trees. The attractions of the aqua park are available to all guests additionally to the hotel spas. Our guests can choose between different types of accommodation at three hotels, apartment complex, thatch-roofed bungalows, and camping. The all-day family ticket is one of the novelties in the aqua park offer.

Summer events:

  • 6.-7.8. AQUA LOOP OPEN - 1. Championship in water sliding; 13.8. Hot rhythms of Brazil and MISS BIKINI (finals); III. Žarijada (competition in grilling)
  • Daily at 13.30 – take part in the biggest pool group dance
  • Family bonus: free board & lodging for one child under the age of 6 and another one under the age of 12 in the same room with two adults.

Special Summer offer: Summer for the whole family in Terme 3000

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Hotel Wellness Park Lasko**** superior has obtained the »EU Eco-label Daisy«

Pamper yourself nature friendly…

We invite you to support Thermana`s environmental goals by saving water and electricity, by using laundry carefully, by sorting waste correctly, by using soap dispenser and by caring for your health. Instead of driving your car use public transfer, bicycle or walk. On Sundays, you are invited to visit our »eco market«, with local providers and try out a glass of homemade honey, home-grown fresh and dried vegetables and fruits, pumpkin seed oil, jam, juice ... Pamper yourself in our Wellness Spa Centre, where we are increasingly aware of the healing effects of natural ingredients and the richness of nature and local elements.

With social and environmental responsibility Thermana Lasko is joining everyone, who do care about the world and what our herritage to future generations will be. That is why we encourage our guests to follow us. With this purpose, we prepared a special offer “ECO Thermana summer” where we will reward all the guests with extra day who will book Thermana summer program in the hotel Wellness Park Lasko**** superior with a minimum stay of 3 to 5 nights . For stays of 6 nights or more, we will donate two additional days of stay.

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Come to Topolščica to get pampered, fun, dreams and vacation

In Topolšica we also organized other benefits. We give you a coupon of 5€ if you buy a swimming ticket with lunch, and you can benefit from this coupon in our wellness centre Zala. We also offer different packages: half board from 39€ per person per day, fun animation for adults and children, visits of the fairy tale land for our youngest and visit of the beautiful valley Logarska Dolina.

Our offer can also be expanded with adrenalin experiences. The valley of adventures offers you unforgettable canyoning, rafting, kayaking, climbing, mountain biking and much more.

To sum up, COME TO TOPOLŠICA to get pampered, fun, dreams and VACATION.

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Family adventures in Terme Olimia

And not only family bonus, but also NEW Safari adventures in thermal park Aqualuna and unforgettable aqua games in pools of Termalija are the reasons for visiting Terme Olimia.

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Roman holidays and the new “Tajfun” waterslide at Terme Ptuj

At Terme Ptuj’s Thermal Park, which occupies more than 4,200 m2 of water surfaces, this summer will be entered into with a new water attraction. The largest Slovenian waterslide system has been upgraded with the new "TAJFUN” waterslide, whose changing directions with hoops and the possibility of descending more people at the same time makes it a special of its kind in Europe and is aimed at both adrenaline adventure lovers and families.

The new waterslide has thus allowed for an attractive variegation of our rich bathing offer, which will be accompanied by several accompanying events during this summer as well.

Between July 28th and 31st, the International 15th Ballooning Festival will take place, the sky above Ptuj will be decorated with several hot-air balloons.

On August 6th and 7th, the Thermal Park will also host the most adrenaline sports event in the country. Experienced local and foreign parachutists will perform at the BASE Jumping World Championship.

Between August 18th and 21st, the summer season will be crowned with the 4th Roman Games. During those days, Ptuj will turn into the ancient Roman city Petovina, with a Roman encampment at the thermal park as the centre of events. Roman camps for children, gladiator camps, demonstrations of the fighting skills of the Roman army, dances of priestesses and vestals, a meeting of the Roman Senate at the Roman amphitheatre and the conclusion of Roman Games with a Roman funeral and a ceremonial erection of a Roman Game memorial will be held. The main event to take place during the Roman Games is the Roman procession through the old city centre, in which more than one thousand participants in the robes of the time will take part.

A few days later, on August 27th and 28th, adrenaline lovers will try out their chances at the 6th National Waterslide Descent Championship and the 4th National Waterslide Descent Championship for the Media.

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New! Hotel Atrij**** Superior

Hotel Atrij**** Superior

  • Modern furnished rooms telling story about apple.
  • Relaxation in different worlds in the Wellness and Spa centre IDILA.
  • Culinary delights enriched with natural homemade juices and regional wines in the new restaurant facilities..
  • Seminar and conference rooms for business success.

Opening: Autumn 2011

New experiences in Hotel Atrij in Terme Zreče Spa from 66,00 €/ day

Investing in your future

Unforgettable holiday on Rogla and Terme Zreče Spa from 176,00 €/ per family

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