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Beer welness pampering at the welness spa centre of the Welness Park Laško

In the past decades, our society has become too artificial and consumerist, and that is why many of us return to nature. Things that are either produced by nature or based on environmental awareness are growing ever more appreciated and respected. “Back to Nature” or “Together with Nature" are the slogans adopted as mottoes by more and more companies that transform them into a philosophy for their diverse product ranges. Furthermore, it is even more positive than a growing number of people follow these slogans. At Thermana Laško, we are also aware of the importance of nature’s wealth, healing properties of natural ingredients as well as using local gifts of nature. Therefore, we increasingly develop our wellness offer in the direction of authenticity. Our wellness programmes are continuously being extended with touches of a homely feel and local character, in order to present you, dear guests, our well-being offer which is not only based on quality, but also on originality.

Apart from Laško thermal water, which has been at the core of our wide range of modern and medical wellness programmes for many years, there is a novelty, a new touch of a homely feel, namely we have prepared an attractive beer and honey wellness offer at the Wellness Park Laško and Laško Thermal Spa. Moreover, all these programmes are complemented with a whole range of our offer, including gastronomy, entertainment as well as trips and workshops.

Beer, just like wine, has rich tradition, history and culture. Once, it was the drink of gods, of the chosen ones, but nowadays it is the drink of all mankind. Many of them are loyal to the beer that has been brewed in Laško - a town on the banks of the River Savinja – for almost two hundred years. If beer is credited with numerous, also medicinal properties when drunk moderately, why would not its unique combination of ingredients have a refreshing effect on the skin? And why not in the town that is almost literally its hometown.

A number of cereals that are the basis of every good beer (barley, wheat, rye, oats) are a rich source of vitamin E, a most desired substance for the protection and renewal of the skin. In addition, the extracts of the Iceland moss and forest mallow contain a variety of slime that cover the skin with a thin film and thus protect it against irritation and inflammation. Moreover, the extract of echinacea helps renew the epidermis. Our beer products, just like beer, cannot do without hop cones containing phytoestrogens as well as having an antiseptic effect improving skin vitality. High quality oils are natural sources of omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids which have a beneficial effect on skin vitality and structure. At the same time, oils are a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, lecithin, and plant hormones.

By combining a variety of natural oils we have adapted our new beer products to different skin types – some products intensively moisten the skin, while others feed it. Our new beer treatments are suitable for the young as well as mature skin, for men and women, making your skin soft and elastic again.

Furthermore, our beer products are based on a raw material produced in the Laško Brewery, and are a result of know-how of the company LEKOS from Sevnica. Our therapists will use the best of their knowledge and experience to pamper you at our Wellness Spa Centre with beer masks and massages, scrubs and cares, baths, and soon with beer shampoo and soaps.

We offer you:

  • Beer wellness body massage
  • Beer wellness back massage
  • Beer wellness body care
  • Beer wellness facial care
  • Beer wellness mask and hand massage
  • Beer wellness bath and foot massage
  • Beer wellness bath

Information and booking: Phone: +386 (0)3 423 2040; Email:

See you in Laško!

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Family adventures

In the most interesting time for your children, we prepared favourable summer offer: FAMILY BONUS: accommodation for 2 children free of charge (1st child up to 11,99 years and 2nd child up to 4,99 years, in terms: 24.6. – 15.7. and 21.8. – 31.8. 2011). Family adventures begins in thermal park Aqualuna with more than 100 different animals in natural height – lion family, tiger family, giraffes, chimpanzees, hypo and more… Come on, let's go to Safari! Click here to see our offer for Family adventures.

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Grand Hotel Sava****superior, The best hotel in Rogaška

Relaxing atmosphere, hospitality as well as a traditional and innovative wellness offer are our guarantee for your complete rest.

The image of well-being and beauty

The Lotus Spa & Beauty offers different kinds of efficient relaxation methods which offer you wellbeing and beauty. Listen to your soul and body; relax in the unique pampering and complete relaxation under the hands of our experienced masseurs which use relaxing massages, ayurveda, aromatherapy or Thai massages to conjure complete relaxation. Experience the relaxing baths, invigorating care of our cosmetics that will help you keep your youthful look.

Lotus terme Spa & Beauty

In our Lotus Spa & Beauty center we offer you various efficient relaxation treatments that guarantee a sense of well-being and beauty. You can choose among a variety of relaxing massages, Ayurvedic treatments, aromatherapy, Japanese massage… ?Reduce your stress and relax during an aroma massage, enjoy deep relaxation and open your body meridians by a Tui-na and Shiatsu massage. You can take another step and enjoy an Ayurvedic massage. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian science of »life and longevity«. It treats the human being as a whole and teaches him/her how to live in harmony with natural laws, helping him/her to live a healthy life. Our Ayurvedic practitioners will advise you about a healthy lifestyle, and you can also taste Ayurvedic culinary delights in our restaurant. ?Healing touches of skillful hands will soothe you, relax your body and caress your soul. Experience a sense of profound well being far from your stressful everyday life. Listen to your soul and body and try our relaxing baths, or enjoy a vitalizing facial care of our beauticians who will help you maintain a youthful look. We have chosen for you cosmetic products by Guinot and Pevonia Botanica, and we have also been trained to use the Hydradermie machine.

Enjoy healthy culinary arts

Outstanding cuisine consisting of luxurious but healthy foods – prepared while thinking of sweets-lovers as well as of those who want to choose more carefully. ?You choose where you want to be served: either in the nice atmosphere of the hotel restaurant, or in the »a la carte« restaurant Kaiser, well-known for its skillfully performed flame-cooking. You can enjoy your favorite coffee or Ayurvedic tea in the lobby at the Blue bar or you can savor unique sweet goodies made by the hotel master bakers at the Cafe Imperial or Cappuccino Bar.

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Family adventures in Terme Lendava spa resort

Summer adventures for kids will start with a theatre play of the court knight, kids will enjoy olympics for kids by the outdoor pools, they will go on a treasure hunt, take part in summer camp for knights, at the end the knights and princesses will go into a battle against the dragon and surely win! The grown ups can meanwhile enjoy cycling through the »Prekmurje Galaxy«, take part in nice afternoon in wineshops, where they will be part of winery games, they will go on a trip to lake Balaton, see the nearby sights and just enjoy the massages in the spa resort. Guests can stay in hotel or apartments, which are bigger and confortable and suitable for families. In Terme Lendava you can have different combinations of meals (rent, half board, full board, all inclusive light). Welcome in Terme Lendava, spa with people with open hearts, smiling faces. Let them welcome you.

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Feel the Summer at Terme Čatež!

Attractive offer of different water activities at Thermal Riviera creates magic moments all year long.

For all families with children, Thermal Riviera offers an exquisite 4 day hotel package MINI HOLIDAY in Čatež and Koper with free of charge accommodation for children (first child till 11,99 years, second till 5,99 years old)!

Those who love adventure can stay with Indians and Pirates. Actively, but mostly a different way of spending your holidays is an unwritten rule at Terme Čatež. Experience it at least a bit!

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Family Summer Super Hit

Spend an unforgettable family vacation on Rogla and in Terme Zreče from EUR 176.00 / family.

Meet our animators by the pools of Terme Zreče:

  • Together we will dance, be creative in the eco corner, have fun playing different sports, join the water aerobics, get to know the nursery arts school, make our own unique jewellery, and much more.

Join us for the special events:

  • We will have fun participating in the Rainbow Days, where we will paint our favourite T-shirts;
  • We will host Grega the Magician;
  • We will learn how to play an attractive ball game, which combines the elements of volleyball, football and gymnastics - the Bossaball.

Take part in the interesting and diverse sports events on Rogla and in Terme Zreče:

  • Learn the basics of Nordic Walking with Petra Majdič;
  • At the "Sports Day for All" the experienced instructors will help you learn more about different sports activities;
  • The true lovers of tennis can test their skills at the Rogla Open Tennis Tournament.

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A real adventure is already ride to us... for free.

Transfers have become a little experience for our guests. Drivers help them load their luggage and also tell them something interesting during the journey. Sometimes, while driving also sing some cheerful. Guests, who like to mingle during the ride, also like to connect while staying with us, and we even found out, that weave between them deeper ties. Of course, we are more than happy.??Price in the program "It's nice to be retired" per person in double room, based on the five half boards is 183 € for the stay in Hotel Park. Anyone who would like to stay alone in the room, will have another advantage, single room supplement will not be charged at all.

His address, to which our driver is coming to pick you up, guests communicate us by reservation. One day before departure, we inform them, at what time they need to be ready to go. In case of road congestion, driver call them, that they are not worried.

Simple right? We have already brought more than 100 satisfied customers, and everything went well. After five days of pampering and enjoyment at the spa, on the sixth day following the return home. We are always looking forward to hear greeting guests, "See you again soon!"??Welcome to the spa, but the car should stay at home, in the garage.

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Spend active family holidays at Terme Šmarješke Toplice Spa

Terme Šmarješke Toplice Spa is a modern natural spa with medical wellness offer – the world of thermal pools, saunas, peelings, massages, baths. Spacious spa park, various paths for Nordic walking, interesting social events ...

Active family holidays with an attractive offer of 4=5, 5=6 or 6=7 during June 25th and August 31st offer you half board accommodation, unlimited swimming in thermal pools, hydro-gymnastics, water aerobics, Friday night-swimming with champagne, and animation programme; also using saunas, Nordic walking with instructor, possibility of renting bicycles, playing miniature golf, dance evenings, concerts, wandering by tourist train and even visiting the MINI ZOO. There will also be a special animation organized for children – creative workshops, games without borders in the water ...

Spa complex with a famous wooden pool, which was built over the thermal water spring, is surrounded by numerous walking paths. There are ninety different sorts of trees and bushes growing and various sorts of birds living in the park which extends over approximately three hectares. The specialty of Šmarješke Toplice surrounding is nine organized paths for Nordic walking; the sports park also includes tennis, football, basketball and volleyball courses. Hills with vineyard cottages and little churches invite you to enjoy the relaxing walks and go on cycling trips.

Welcome to the green environment with soothing atmosphere and healing springs of thermal water.

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Experience summer at Terme Dolenjske Toplice Spa

Dolenjske Toplice Spa is known for its landscape, healing thermal water, hundred years of experience and tradition. Balnea Wellness Centre is a kingdom of baths, massages, saunas, water pampering – have wonderful holidays!

If you are in love with summer, spend your holidays at Terme Dolenjske Toplice Spa during June 1st and August 10th at very special prices. Half board accommodations in double room, swimming in thermal pools, Friday and Saturday night-swimming, using saunas, water aerobics, Nordic walking, ceremonial Saturday dinners, rich holiday animation programme with picnics, guided recreational activities, massage presentations, musical evenings... Ted the bear will animate children with his fun animation programme.

Balnea Wellness Centre along the beautiful spa park with its hundred year old trees is a kingdom of refreshing baths, invigorating massages, strengthening saunas and water pampering. With individually planned and adjusted programmes and services for all generations it is placed among other renowned centres of well-being. Balnea's offer is even greater with the centre for facial and body treatment which has unique programmes for a more qualitative life that are based on a renowned and effective method – reflexotherapy.

Terme Dolenjske Toplice Spa's tempting surroundings and the picturesque Krka valley offer numerous possibilities for relaxation and recreation for all who like to spend their time in nature. Dolenjske Toplice is a perfect starting point for trips in the near or further surroundings; there are also many possibilities for cycling, walking, Nordic walking, water sports on river Krka, skike and other recreational activities.

We have trusted the nature with creating the comfort and also included it in the original architectural solutions that help create pleasant moments. To help make your soul feel younger in the spa with a soul...

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Talaso Strunjan – the right place to have a break along the seaside

Terme Krka's Talaso therapeutical centre has an exceptional location in the protected regional park. Relaxation along the seaside has even deeper effects than it appears at first sight...

Last year at Strunjan, which is a bay of well-being with more than 2300 sunny hours per year, we have worked hard to be able to make our guests feel even more pleasant in the future. We are aware of the natural advantages – the near proximity of the sea and its beneficent effects which enabled the development of the entire talaso approach in the coastal centre of the Krka spa; it is based on the use of various elements of the sea: the coastal climate, sea water, mud and algae, and sea salt. Talaso Strunjan today presents an exceptional Slovene natural climate spa; Salia – the centre for relaxation with beauty and relaxing programmes, unique talaso treatments, pools with sea water. Attractive beach with the blue flag, a symbol of ecological and pristine swimming complex. Sports and entertainment 365 days a year.

Strunjan regional park is a picturesque nature reserve of marl and sandstones; there are high cliffs just above the sea. You can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets in the Moon bay and along the great white cross that protects seamen and shows them the safe way home...This piece of Slovene coast will make you feel the endlessness of blue and peace that also settles in the human soul.

We invite you to have a summer break during July 3rd and September 11th – with half board accommodation, swimming in pools with heated sea water and clean sea, with mini club for children, morning workout and interesting animation programme ... The holidays along the sea at affordable prices – in the greenest corner of the Slovene Mediterranean – will help you gain new strength and fill your cells with healing aerosols. Welcome.

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Roman holidays and the new Tajfun waterslide at Terme Ptuj

At Terme Ptuj’s Thermal Park, which occupies more than 4,200 m2 of water surfaces, this summer will be entered into with a new water attraction. The largest Slovenian waterslide system has been upgraded with the new "TAJFUN” waterslide, whose changing directions with hoops and the possibility of descending more people at the same time makes it a special of its kind in Europe and is aimed at both adrenaline adventure lovers and families.

The new waterslide has thus allowed for an attractive variegation of our rich bathing offer, which will be accompanied by several accompanying events during this summer as well. Pools of Energy, the traditional summer party by the pool for youth will take place on July 8th, the “Comedy About the Cup (Aulularia)”, done in cooperation with Ptuj's City Theatre and HNK Varaždin and which can be seen by the guests of the Thermal Park on July 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th and 11th , will definitely provoke a great deal of laughter. Between July 28th and 31st, the International 15th Ballooning Festival will take place, the sky above Ptuj will be decorated with several hot-air balloons.

On August 6th and 7th, the Thermal Park will also host the most adrenaline sports event in the country. Experienced local and foreign parachutists will perform at the BASE Jumping World Championship.

Between August 18th and 21st, the summer season will be crowned with the 4th Roman Games. During those days, Ptuj will turn into the ancient Roman city Petovina, with a Roman encampment at the thermal park as the centre of events. Roman camps for children, gladiator camps, demonstrations of the fighting skills of the Roman army, dances of priestesses and vestals, a meeting of the Roman Senate at the Roman amphitheatre and the conclusion of Roman Games with a Roman funeral and a ceremonial erection of a Roman Game memorial will be held. The main event to take place during the Roman Games is the Roman procession through the old city centre, in which more than one thousand participants in the robes of the time will take part.

A few days later, on August 27th and 28th, adrenaline lovers will try out their chances at the 6th National Waterslide Descent Championship and the 4th National Waterslide Descent Championship for the Media.

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Catch the funny Summer at Terme 3000

He will stand by the most courageous ones when they will try their first ride on the adrenaline water slide Aqua-loop and will help to hit the golf holes on the nearby golf course Livada to all those who prefer tranquillity.

The aqua park TERME 3000 with 11 indoor and outdoor pools of various shapes and sizes invites you to adventurous and funny summer refreshment. Besides numerous water slides many peaceful corners can be found for everyone who simply wants to relax in the shade of large Pannonian trees. The attractions of the aqua park are available to all guests additionally to the hotel spas. Our guests can choose between different types of accommodation at three hotels, apartment complex, thatch-roofed bungalows, and camping. The all-day family ticket is one of the novelties in the aqua park offer.

Summer events

  • 2.7. MISS BIKINI (semi-finals);
  • 9.7. Style make over;
  • 16.-17.7. 2. Paragliding festival at Terme 3000;
  • 29.7. Meeting NODI and VIKI;
  • 30.7. Traditional Summer night;
  • 6.-7.8. AQUA LOOP OPEN - 1. Championship in water sliding;
  • 13.8. Hot rhythms of Brazil and MISS BIKINI (finals); III. Žarijada (competition in grilling)
  • Daily at 13.30 – take part in the biggest pool group dance

Family bonus: free board & lodging for one child under the age of 6 and another one under the age of 12 in the same room with two adults.

Special Summer offer

Summer for the whole family in Terme 3000

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