Peace in the embrace of green nature. Balance of body and spirit. Invigorating health and maintaining beauty.

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Our forefathers knew what was necessary to keep their bodies healthy. Ancient civilizations were familiar with many recipes for easing pain and staying healthy. Ancient Greek doctors had a firm belief in medicinal effect of nature. They believed in the strength and influence of Roman god Asclepius in treatment. Hippocrates, a well-known doctor of his time and the father of modern medicine established a significant turning point in treating illness. When treating the ill, he would dismiss all superstition and recommend appropriate compresses and medicinal baths. In modern era, due to rapid progress and development, our bodies ask for more care to stay healthy. We live in erratic times with growing amount of work, and that is why it is crucial to know how to balance your career with other aspects of your life, and know how to listen to your body and its symptoms as warning signs. Illness knows no boundaries, especially in the global world, and that is why care for our health is our primary duty. Would you believe that by changing your life habits you could prevent a lot of sneaky diseases, without treatment or surgery? What can we do for our own health? Regular exercises and low-fat meals are what it takes. It’s hard to believe that the simplest choices we make every day, like the food we eat, reaction to stress, smoking, regular and sufficient workout, or how much love we give and receive, can all have a strong effect on our health an quality of life. Perfect health gives us a relaxed approach to work and easiness with completing work tasks. Slovenian natural spas have been giving this a lot of attention for the last few years, so they organize different programs for bettering and keeping your health through all the seasons for both regular and occasional visitors. They also practice a variety of treatments and rehabilitations for self-improvement and good health. While staying in our spa resorts, everyone has an opportunity to learn what their body needs by using natural resources and healthy diet.
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