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Care and welfare of the elderly

Embellish your old days by staying in pleasant surroundings! A few of the natural spas have a lincence for performing care and welfare over the elderly in so-called care areas, which are situated near spa complexes.

Care areas represent a new type of institutionalized protection, which stands for a special help with care and welfare of the elderly. Residents of the care residences are offered all the care they need up to 8 hours a week, they are helped with organizing their stay, and care of the elderly also implies an organized nutrition ( one prepared meal per day), help with maintaining personal hygiene and also safety and help with maintaining social contacts. Care residences are modernly equipped, appropriately like the hotel rooms. With payment, senior residents can keep all the necessary equipment and use it as they wish,and if necessary a kitchen can be equipped also. All that is situated only a few meters away from thermal springs and hotel complexes.

Senior residents of care residences can benefit and have numerous discounts when using health and spa’s services. Care and welfare of the elderly is enriched with different anti-pain and rejuvenating therapies and massages, to help make the autumn of their life nicer and easier. It’s significant that the elderly, who have all the care and welfare they need in the spas, feel pleasant and relaxed and spent time on fresh air and are more active.
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Care and welfare of the elderly