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Concession clinics

Concession clinics operate within the framework of health activities in natural health resorts. Concessionaires are a part of public health system. The point in question is public health care of patients conducted by private physician.

Nothing changes for the patient in concession clinics. The same conditions apply whether he frequents physicians that work in concession clinics or those who work in public institutions, that is to say all expenses are covered by health insurance. The difference lies in the fact that health workers employed in public institutions are subjected to public institution law and separate concessionaires are subjected to corporative law or self-employment law. Services that are covered by health insurance in public health system, that is to say by the state, are covered by it in concession clinics, health centers and health resorts as well.

In health resorts concession clinics are specialized for orthopedics, urology and gynecology, while cardiology, dermatological, neurological, neurosurgical, physiatric and pulmonary clinics operate there as well.
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