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Health welfare and care

Health welfare and care are integral parts of the program offered in the Slovenian natural spas. Welfare and care aim at people who are unable to take care of themselves and need professional help offered by spa’s welfare departments. They’ll have 24-hour medical care and doctor supervision at their disposal.

With health welfare and care, each patient solves its medical problems so he can preserve physical and mental activity for a longer time. During welfare and care, spa’s professional personnel guarantees attention to the patient, helps him with all the activities that contributes to preservation and return of health, and participates in a diagnostic-therapeutical program prescribed by the doctor.

Health welfare and care over an individual is conducted under appropriate monitoring. Healthcare team is composed of advance practice nurses, healthcare technicians, nurse caretakers, physical therapists, work therapists and other associates, who together decide on the form and extent of treatments, depending on health condition of the patient and his needs and desires. Health welfare and care also combines the preparation of medicines, observing patient’s state and his vital functions.

Health care includes a lot of transpositioning, shifting and moving of patient, especially in care departments and departments where patients depend on caretakers’ help. If patients are unable to independently engage in the rehabilitation and care and welfare process, the staff is at their disposal 24 hours a day. Spa’s personnel, through health care, works on improving patient’s health, satisfying patient’s basic needs, and despite health problems with all the health welfare and care offered, works on making them feel safe, respected and served as independent individuals with specific needs.
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Medical care and welfare