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Natural healt resort factors

We Slovenians are known for our habit to pamper ourselves in thermal health resorts. We enjoy our warm healing water soakings in every season. Slovenian thermal springs pampered even the old Romans who were well aware of its healing effects. Many European courts associated unique Slovenian thermal springs with health.

Slovenian natural health resorts are distinguished by a series of natural healing factors such as thermo-mineral water, fresh-water mud, natural CO2 baths (mineral baths), fango compresses (the healing ingredient is natural primary clay bentonite), sea water and brine, drinkable cold mineral water. In natural healing factors we include agreeable climate, altitude, aerosols for inhalation, healing mud, mineral peloids and peat. All of the above mentioned natural health factors were used for treatments of various diseases and conditions even in ancient Rome and were sometimes linked with deities. Today we know that all of the healing factors are a part of natural wealth.

Natural healing factors are included in balneology, science that deals with healing characteristic of thermal and mineral waters. The term comes from the words “balneum” and “logos” and means debate or research of baths. Healing springs are used for drinking, inhalation, diet therapy, walking, music cures and collateral methods of traditional medicine. Slovenia has that advantage that its climate acts as a natural healing factor. Even in the past they used healing effects of the climate, mainly for healing of pulmonary and skin diseases. Regardless of the choice you make on whether you will spend your free time engaged in sport activities or enjoying relaxation and pampering, healing resorts with all their natural components and medicinal factors offer various methods that will bring you closer to health.




cold mineral drinking water                                 
mineral water temperature at source (C) 42-
35- 36,5 36- 38 32- 35 62 62- 73 30- 44 39  41     
  32 32 34,5
sea water and brine                                         
Altitude (m) 142 375 179 230 161 186 220 269 208 228  0 169 395 395
average annual temperature (C) 9,7 10 9,6 9,1 10,5 10 9 9,2 9,7 9,8 14 9,8 9 9,3
aerosols for inhalation                                        
medicinal mud and mineral peloids                                         
state - certified health resort                                         
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