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Drinkable cold mineral water

Mineral waters are natural waters that contain at least 1 000 milligrams of dissolved hard matter and/or 250 mg of naturally dissolved CO2 in one litre of water. The rule book of natural mineral and spring water stipulates that natural mineral water springs from an underground water-spring, is clear, has easily determined effects that are pleasing for health and arise from distinctive mineral features. If mineral waters contain at least 1 000 mg of free dissolved CO2 per litre, they are named kiselica or acidic waters.

In Slovenia for the purpose of drinking cures we use cold mineral water Donat Mg in Rogaška Slatina and Zdravilni vrelec in Radenci. Of all healing waters that were researched, Donat Mg is the most researched cold drinking mineral water in Europe. It has healing effects on indigestion and bowls, while as mineral water it has a pleasing effect on urine crystallisation.
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Cold and drinkable mineral water