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Aerosols for inhalation

Respiratory system is exposed to numerous harmful aerial substances and microorganisms. That is why respiratory diseases, especially in children, the most frequent acute and chronic diseases. Natural health resorts offer patients the so called inhalation therapy with aerosols. The beginnings of inhalation therapy go way back in history, when different cultures used plants for inhalation for healing purposes.

Inhalation therapy consists of introduction of medical substances – aerosols into the body by inhalation. Aerosols are extremely small particles of dispersed liquid or healing substance. In natural health resorts they try to moisten the mucous membrane of the patient’s airways with water steam inhalation and by doing so relieve expectoration. In the form of aerosol, inhaled healing substances have a beneficial effect on respiratory organs. Firs aerosol atomizers appeared on the market in 1956. They were the first portable source of healing aerosol. Today different types of inhalers are available. Each has its specific way of dispersing the healing substance.

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Inhalation aerosols