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Sea water and brine

Aside from thermal springs and agreeable climate for healing purposes in Slovenia sea water and brine are used as well. Beneficial effects of sea water and brine on the skin and their unique potency for beauty therapy are known from the ancient times. With the use of sea salt in home bathroom we achieve an effective absorption of numerous minerals and organic sea substances into our body. Salt also has a positive effect on muscle relaxation, while salt baths help in appeasement and body relaxation.

Brine – saline water and saline mud were traditionally used by roman soldiers. First written sources mention the use of these fascinating natural products in the 13th century when the Benedictines from the St. Lawrence’s monastery spread the tales of the saline mud and brine effects far beyond the monastery borders. Sea water located in the vicinity contributed to that reputation. That was the origin of touristic development of the coastline.

From then on sea water, saline mud and brackish water are the most valued wellness products in Slovenian spa centres. Brine, for its retained initial efficacy, is considered to be a real skin elixir. It is retained only in a natural way and is rich with bromine, iodine and magnesium minerals, while at the same time it doesn’t contain artificial irritant mineral oils.
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Sea water and brine