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Healing mud and mineral peloids

In health resorts numerous conditions are treated with mineral peloids. Healing mud is of great help as well. Peloids are natural products composed as a mixture of mineral, sea or lake water with organic or inorganic substances that were formed through geological or biological processes. They are used in therapy in a form of healing mud compresses or baths.

Seaside health resorts also use saline peloids and so called fango. It forms on saline fields while the eatable salt is maturing during the evaporation of sea water. Brine is used for skin improvement and easier breathing. The mixture of brine and karst clay forms soft muddy paste. Sea and healing saline mud is fine-grained and subject to oxidation. That is why in depots it is covered with a layer of brine that prevents drying. Healing mud is used mainly in treatments of rheumatic and dermatological diseases.

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