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Time in which we live demands a healthy and high quality way of life. We therefore have to take care of our body, so we don’t damage it or fall ill. We can prevent both by upholding a healthy way of life. Regular exercise, healthy meals and positive thinking can help us preserve our health. The consequences of a fast life pace can be very unpleasant, like obesity, high cholesterol, triglyceride, blood sugar and hypertension. Bad habits like smoking and alcohol overindulgence cause additional difficulties. Old proverb says: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Our natural health resorts offer various preventive programs. Take some time for yourself and afford yourself one of the preventive examinations, depending of course on your free time, wishes, expectations and possibilities. The purpose of preventive programs is to find conformation of health or timely discovery of an eventual principal seat of disease or possible treat to your health by regular checkup.

Preventive programs mainly focus on specific internal diseases that are not visible, those that initially don’t give out any outward symptoms. Doctor will prescribe therapy on the basis of the preventive checkup. They ensure you that you will, with the help of prevention or, in other words, routine physical examination in natural environment obtain everything to strengthen your immune system even more and by doing so save yourself a lot of trouble and waiting in lines in front of an examination room.
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