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Rehabilitation is a thorough process of our body's reparation after it has sustained injuries. The following persons usually take part in various rehabilitation programs that are conducted in slovenian helth resorts and spas: physicianphysiatrist, medical orderly, nurse, physiotherapist, working therapist, social worker, phychologist, masseur and sport educationalist.

We are familiar with three types of rehabilitation: medical rehabilitation in which we try to attain level of health that existed prior to illness or injury or at least an approximate level. In health resorts for medical rehabilitation we ensure that the patient has guaranteed professional rehabilitation treatment during hospitalization and afterwards, if necessary, additional ambulatory treatment. With the help of medical rehabilitation the patient can quickly achieve progress and self-reliance in life activities. Next is professional rehabilitation which purpose is to train the patient so that he could return to his work place. If that is not possible additional social rehabilitation is conducted when there is need to resolve social issues that have arisen because of the illness or invalidity. It includes both the patient and his surroundings.

Most rehabilitation programs are based on introductory and instructional specialized examination, individually organized therapies, adequate diet and health education of the patient. Rehabilitation programs are above all intended for the rehabilitation of heart diseases (conditions after heart attack, heart surgery, angina pectoris with low functional capacity diagnosis), blood vessel diseases (arteriosclerosis and other blood flow obstructions in limb vessel system) and locomotive system diseases and injuries (after surgery and other interventions).