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Impairment of the spinal cord

Spinal cord is a part of central nervous system that is situated inside of the spinal canal. The most common injuries occur because of the spinal canal narrowing, less frequent are injuries caused by a direct damaging of the spinal cord. Common trait of all spinal cord impairments is that they usually leave permanent, irremediable consequences. A person that has suffered from such injuries is faced with less comfortable and much more demanding life.

The goal of professional team that conducts rehabilitation in natural health resorts is comprehensive and fast social integration of such patients. It is necessary to take X-rays, do MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) and CT (Computed tomography) scans of the spinal cord. In cases of severe damaging of the spinal cord, chest breathig is impaired. Because of it, as soon as the diagnostic treatment is finished, respirathory therapy should commence so that the airways could be cleansed. Breathying exercises follow as well as complementary physical therapy.

Impairments of the spinal cord with nerve tissue damaging – spinal cord - most commonly occur in traffic accidents, industrial work, construction, agriculture, forestry and sports.
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