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Lung diseases

There are numerous micro-organisms in the air we breathe, such as bacteria and viruses, so infections of upper airways or lungs are quite frequent. Bronchitis is a very common type of lung disease. It is accompanied by strong cough and high fever. Long-time smoking or exposure to pollution can cause chronic bronchitis.

Extremely dangerous lung diseases are pneumonia and tuberculosis, while chronic obstructive lung disease (COLD) is also very common. In 75% of cases of patients suffering from chronic obstructive lung disease we are dealing with chronic bronchitis and the rest with emphysema or the combination of both. Characteristic symptom of chronic obstructive disease is the obstruction of airways. Every tenth smoker is affected by this disease.

Asthma is also one of the lung diseases. Clean air is necessary for the treatment of asthmatic patients as well as other patients suffering from lung diseases. Woods are the lungs of nature, while the sea air also has a beneficial effect on diseases of the respiratory organs. Some natural health resorts combine both. In them specialists through therapies ease or eliminate difficulties that afflict patients suffering from lung diseases.
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Lung diseases