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Post injury and post-operative conditions

Healing thermal water is suitable for alleviation of all types of rheumatic problems and also in post injury and post –operative recovery of locomotion system. Reconstructive rehabilitation is intended for those who have already finished post injury or post-operation rehabilitation. A lot more time and effort is needed for attainment of pre injury condition and post-operative improvement.

Reconstructive program in post injury and post-operation conditions gives opportunity for professional guidance of patients and directs patients on the proper path to recovery of the locomotion system functions and performance of everyday and sport activities.

Post injury and post-operative conditions are stressful for many people. That is the reason why in conducting therapeutic procedures mostly individual, only in part group, approach is used. Individual approach inspires trust that enables the therapist to motivate the patient even with the slightest improvements in health condition, which boosts patient’s self-confidence and ensures better cooperation in further therapy.