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Rheumatic problems are mainly the result of unhealthy life style, bad posture, and difficult work load, lack of physical activity, obesity and lesser joint and spine injuries. Physical therapy and rehabilitation in patients with rheumatic problems are very important. In treating the inflammatory rheumatism, medication therapy comes first, while in degenerative rheumatism its physical therapy.

The most important thing in physical therapy and rehabilitation of patients with rheumatic problems is preserving the damaged joints in protective positions that are the least strenuous for the joints and regular physical therapy exercises. Individual joints can be protected by special aids (such as orthopaedic spinal support). That is very important, especially for the lower joints that, as a rule, suffer the highest degree of affliction. Patients with rheumatic problems have to exercise regularly in all stages of the disease. Almost all thermal waters in natural health resorts have a beneficial effect on rheumatic problems.