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Due to increasing stress to our bodies, genetics, injuries and ageing, our bodies have difficulty fighting with illness and viruses attacking it. Various diseases strain the body to a level on which the organism is unable to heal itself, which leads to serious illnesses. In order to help the organism with healing and relieving the stress, Slovenian natural spas offer numerous specialist clinics you can visit on account of previous reference or at your own cost. The expert personnel will help you with advice and treatment. It is necessary to run specific tests before a treatment in order to detect the symptoms and diagnosis that point to a disease. Postoperative treatments of locomotor system, such as difficulties with or damage on limbs and spine, indication of rheumatic diseases, heart and blood vessel diseases, gastrointestinal and digestive tract disease or metabolic disorder are being treated here. There are often patients with diagnosis for gynecological, neurological and lung diseases. Athletes and patients with sports injuries also use balneological treatments. Certain spas have adjusted their programs according to diagnosis and needs of their guests. Not every kind of thermal water is suitable for treating every disease; therefore certain spas are specialized for certain diagnosis. Before starting your treatment and rehabilitation according to your diagnosis, you can get a consult with a doctor or a physical therapist, to help you start feeling better and getting well real soon.


heart and circulatory diseases                                 
rheumatic diseases                                               
injuries to the locomotor system                                          
disease of the digestive system                          
metabolic diseases                               
gynecological diseases                                     
kidney and urinary tract diseases                                 
neurological diseases                                     
skin diseases                                
neurotic disorders                                   
respiratory ailments                              
mouth and teeth diseases                             
eye diseases                              
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