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Distinctive characteristics of regions

Slovenia excels in extremely varied and diverse regions. It is the only European country that combines alpine and Mediterranean world, Panonnian basin and krast world. It is divided in 12 regions. Their features are unique as they surprise every single visitor again and again. Traveller can observe the sea while on the other hand his view embraces the high mountains. During the ascent through woodland he sees the green plain below, from the mountain meadow his view goes to the river gorge.

The proximity of contradictions and differences is a unique feature of Slovenian regions. In Slovenia you can still walk through primeval forest, here grows the oldest grape vine in the world, Proteus is a truly amazing singularity that found their home in karst. There are many hints, which region you should visit, what you can see and experience there. Among specific natural pearls are our Alps, where skiers and hikers find their own paradise. Slovenian lakes are full of secrets, periodic lake Cerknica, lakes Blej and Bohinj. On the other end, in the Podravina region the green Pohorje await you, in the vicinity you can visit natural health resorts.

Some health resorts are built at thermal springs in eastern Slovenia. Feature of the Slovenian regions are also excellent vines. Wine-growing regions, in the basins of the rivers Sava and Drava, are studded with wineries and tourist farms that with excellent dishes and good wines entice hikers and cyclists. Slovenian sea is special as well. Our coastline is small but it possesses great beauty.

Next to the highest flysch wall in the Adriatic, Strunjanski cliff, coast’s big attraction are Saline with nature park Sečovlje where numerous protected birds found shelter. We can’t forget the idyll and features of karst caves. Word of Slovenia was spread around the world by impetuous white Lipizzaner as well.

In any region you go to, you will be a part of our nature and history and you will surely find something special for yourself.
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