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Primorska region is a unique Slovenian region in the west and south of the country that has sea and mountains, which allows her to offer really superior and diverse tourist services. It is divided in northern and southern Primorska. Here the freshness of mountain air that travels through overgrown plains and valleys is mixed with Mediterranean climate from the sea that caresses the vines planted hills and valleys and causes littoral phenomena – bora.

With short, 46 km long coast, Primorska is like a wedge between the coasts of our neighbours, Italy and Croatia. Slovenian coast is for us a precious window to the world, also because it is right here that the Adriatic sea most deeply indents the European continent. There are two healing resorts on the coast in Strunjan and Portorož. Both are distinguished by thermal water and excellent location next to the sea, in the heart of the unspoilt nature.

In Primorska inland, typical krast world that includes krast rivers and underground in which beautiful Škocjan caves, Postojna cave and many yet unexplored ones are located, spreads. Karst is also known for distinguished Lipizzaner, karst teran and karst smoked ham.

In the north Primorska region starts near Nova Gorica where casino tourism is developed, it continues through Brda and ends in Bovška. Kobarida is ruled by the mighty mountain Krn that towers over it. Even higher is Kanin that does the same to Bovec. The highest altitude ski resort in Slovenia is found on Kanin. Great number of adventurers found their holiday destination near river Soča, as the river rapids are suitable for rafting.
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