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Sport and entertainment

Slovenian health resorts are developed in the midle of natural environment and aside from medical treatments they offer numerous possibilities for sport and recreation in nature, on opened and closed courts. Medicinal offer includes loads of fun, ramblings and exploration of local particularities and sightseeing.

You can enrich your vacation in health resorts by numerous recreational activities that can fill every minute of your free time. Recreation can allow you to experience unforgettable happenings. Because most of the activities are conducted in nature they have positive effect on your health and senses.

Sport and recreation activities are extremely various. Amazing water experiences in indoor and outdoor swimming pools that spread over more than 43. 000 m2 of water surfaces await you. Tennis, golf, miniature golf and bowling fans will finally come to their own. Morning gymnastics is organized for those who would like to additionally shape their bodies. In areas where health resorts are joined by rivers and lakes, boating, hunting and fishing are possible. In some places sport activities are complemented with horseback riding. In the spring and autumn you are drawn to colourful hiking and biking paths. Slovenian natural health resorts are becoming more and more popular starting points for trekking excursions in neighbouring surroundings. Guests have special favourable conditions and discounts for all sport activities.

Those who love dancing, live music and cultural performances can also enjoy themselves because entertaining games and events are conducted on sand beaches, on water and in the air all year long. In the palette of all sport and entertainment activities you will surely find something that interests you.

Sport and entertainment

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