Peace in the embrace of green nature. Balance of body and spirit. Invigorating health and maintaining beauty.

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At the pool

Pool offer in slovenian natural health resorts is more diverse every year. Visitors are in for a treat, memorable swimming in outdoor and indoor pools, those with heated water included, and all of that spreads on more than 43. 000 m2 of water surfaces. Swim in one of the thermal water pools and trough entertainment experience a real water adventure. Various underwater massages and forms of water recreation are offered, group or individual, in the framework of pool offer.

You can enjoy yourself in therapeutic and massage pools. The young ones are taken care of as well. They can enjoy themselves, with you, in children’s pools. Whirlpool baths are quite frequented as well. Health resorts offer various outdoor contents as well, such as entertaining recreational massage pool activities. Outdoor children pools with playgrounds in the vicinity allow children to have fun too.

Water experiences in the pools are enriched by various animated programs in and near water. Those who enjoy pool adventures will feel right at home in water parks equipped with gadgets and slides.
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