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In the halls

If you like to be in connstant motion and sport is a part of your everyday life than sport activities that are offered in the halls of sport and recreational centres will never allow you to be bored. Sport centers and health resorts visitors attend activities in the halls on various occations. At the same time that provides a great opportunity for mingling and socializing. Sport halls and gyms where you can play numerous sports such as tennis, badminton, squash, football and volleyball are available. For groups various water exercses and trainings are organized.

In sport halls you can shape your body with the help of aerobic, fitnes, pilates and yoga. In major cities in certain sport halls a place for special activities such as climbing is provided. Excellent tip for spending of a relaxing and sociable evening – a visit to bowling centres. In some places guests can entertain themselves with bowling in special indoor or outdoor halls. Health resort guests can, with prior notice, attend all sport activities in neighbouring halls.
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