Peace in the embrace of green nature. Balance of body and spirit. Invigorating health and maintaining beauty.

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In nature

To experience Sovenia more intimately, you need to go outdoors, in nature. Special natural qualities in Slovenia are numerous. Slovenia is one of those rare countries in which you can go from skiing resorts to the sea in an hour and a half. Diverse flora and fauna as well as spread provinces bait all the year round. Slovenia has extremely wealthy natural heritage, more than third of Slovenian surface is protected by law. When you start your walk on theme trails in the countryside or in wildlife parks, just remember that others want to enjoy that nature as well.

You, as a visitor, are a part of green Slovenia as well. Forests above all give Slovenia its green colour. They cover almost 60% of territory. Among those there are even primeval forests. To preserve this natural characteristics, every year we plant more than million trees. Almost 50 Slovenian wildlife natural offer exquisite possibilities of active spending of free time. You will be dazzled by more than 300 waterfalls 87 thermal springs.

Slovenian natural health resorts and thermae are developed among all of those natural singularities and that, aside from thermal springs, gives them a real stamp of excellence. Natural health resorts owe their special charm to the vicinity of the sea and wine-growing hills. Numerous activities are conducted in the vicinity of estuaries and lakes. Because they are situated in the immediate neighbourhood of numerous specific natural conditions, health resorts make excellent starting points for excursions, walks and recreation in nature that includes various sport activities such as skiing, basketball and football. Health resorts offer their guests many possibilities to use their free time in the surrounding nature.
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