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Equestrian sports

Equestrian sports and horseback riding in Slovenia have, thanks to breeding centre Lipica, a cradle of worldly avowed Lippizaner horses, several centuries of tradition. The possibility to experience Slovenia from horseback is offered in many equestrian centres, tourist country estates and ranches. You can either ride in fenced areas on country estates, or you can go on guided trips to meadows or woods. Longer riding tours are offered as well.

If you don’t ride, equestrian centres and ranches offer initial and improvement courses in horseback riding, as well as obedience training. There are a lot of places that have ponies for the children’s entertainment. More and more equestrian clubs are formed. In Slovenia the so called equestrian therapy or therapy riding is developing as well. That riding is intended primarily for persons with special needs. It has three branches: medicine, pedagogy and sport.
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