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Body care

For the well-being harmony is needed. Today’s pace of life induces stress and tension, two main sources of disharmony of body and spirit. Body often reminds us of it, when various tipical signs of fatigue start to show. When we become aware of it, it is high time to return to basic life values and our roots so that balance could be restored once more. This we will achieve only through proper care of our body, which deserves all the attention that it can receive.

Body care includes numerous types of massages, baths, energy and wellness programs with aromatherapy, essential oils, fragrances, offer is rounded of with care of hands and feet and hair removal. All services that are included in body care improve blood flow, relax muscles, accelerate digestion, hasten elimination of waste products and create a sense of well-being. Allow yourself some enjoyment and treat your body with the special care offered in natural health resorts.