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Anti-cellulite body treatments (body wrapping)

With the help of the newest medicinal ideas we can easily and in various ways solve obesity problems. Using modern, safe and painless methods we can transform problematic body parts, while consultation and personalized diet plan lead to permanent improvement.

Body wrapping method is intended for body volume reduction and at the same time skin appearance improvement in matters such as cellulite, stretch marks and hypodermic fat pads. Body wrapping cream is rubbed into the skin in places where we want to remove fat. Afterwards those body parts are wrapped in special foils that ensure that all fitoaromatic natural substances penetrate into the skin and hypodermic tissue where they cause desired dissolution and detox effect, while at the same time by using pressure they accelerate, or in other words, increase drainage effect of dissolved substances and water from hypodermic tissue. Body wrapping or anti-cellulite body treatment takes approximately 30 minutes.