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Form correction (dermal fillings)

Body form corrections are a type of beauty treatments. Some of the more frequent ones are nose, ear and lip corrections. Skin can be loaded by other more or less efficient fillings not only with body’s own fat as in lipolifting.

Dermal fillings are more popular than invasive surgical procedures because they are less painful and not as costly and the effects can be gratifying for years – depending on the filling itself. Usually anesthesia is not used in filling treatments. That makes them even more popular. Complications are rare.

Dermal fillings erase or ease consequences of skin aging manifested as facial shape change and wrinkle forming and are caused by secondary dwindling of hypodermic fat and dermal collagen. Areas that are easily smoothed and filled with fillings are lines between eyebrows, nose, cheeks and lip corners. Eye corner lines are not usually corrected by fillings because the skin in that area is very thin; filling could easily cause visible protuberances. Dermal fillings are less suited for corrections of numerous wrinkles that are more efficiently removed or eased by facelift or chemical peeling.

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Form correction (dermal fillers)