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Spot and pigmentation removal

Cosmetic industry offers numerous products for the removal of inconvenient spots. In clinical labs they swear on different procedures that successfully remove inconvenient spots and pigmentation for years now.

Inconvenient spots usually appear in springtime. In form of tiny freckles they can be charming but if they are bigger they can cause beauty related headaches. They appear first of all on the face, décolletage and arms (on the outer side). They are almost exclusively caused by UV radiation. That is the reason why all people who are regularly exposed to sunshine or frequent solarium have tendency for pigment skin changes.

Aside from overexposure to UV radiation and hormonal disturbances, aging can also cause skin spotting. Dermatologists first determine the type of pigment impairment and than offer possible treatments. Spots brought on by hormonal influence are almost immune to treatment, while all other types of pigment spots respond well to laser treatment.

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Removal of birth marks and pigmentation