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Skin rejuvenation (chemical peeling)

In our country cosmetic surgery is still caprice of those who can afford it, while elsewhere in the world beauty procedures and skin rejuvenation are considered almost obligatory. In Europe, most women that go under the knife for the sake of beauty come from Spain. There they indulge in over half a million beauty procedures every year.

Instead of the costly and risky cosmetic surgery you can have a chemical preparation peeling that is done without anesthesia and is used in rejuvenation of wrinkled, spotted, unevenly pigmented or sun-damaged skin. That will remove top layer of the skin. Procedure takes approximately half an hour. Chemical peeling is primarily suited for light, thin skin with superficial wrinkles. During acid treatment there is a burning sensation. That is the reason why the skin is simultaneously cooled by ventilator. Usually patient can go home after the procedure. One or two weeks are needed for skin renewal. Sometimes it takes up to one month for the restoration of normal functioning of the rejuvenated skin.

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Skin rejuvenation (chemical peeling)