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Acne treatment

Acnes are one of the sebaceous glands diseases and are a quite common skin disease. The characteristic of this disease is constipation of skin pores which causes appearance of pimples and inflammation or abscess. Acnes are most common in teenagers. They break out because of the hormones, tallow and bacteria on the skin.

Acne improvement or deterioration is influenced by many factors, among others stress and hormonal changes. They can also appear because of the excessive use of various cosmetic products and aggressive preparations, which can destroy skins natural balance and defense mechanisms. Dermatologists recommend combined method of optical energy and radio-therapy treatments as a cure for acne.

Photoenergy reaction between optical energy and cells sensitive of light causes oxidation and damages free radicals in sebaceous glands. With that we reduce the number of bacteria and the emission of sebaceous glands, demolish acne and improve skin texture. Results of acne treatment are lasting, while the maintenance of the new condition depends on needs of each individual. We treat face, neck, shoulders, back and chest acne.
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Treatment for acne