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Traditional facial care

It is no coincidence that face is the most tended part of the body. Facial skin is not protected by clothing and is therefore exposed to external influences, such as dust and dirt are deposited on it, especially in urban environment. These are the reasons why you should treat yourself with traditional facial care.

Cleansing of skin surface is done first. With the skin secretions – sweat, fat and dead cells, we also remove cream and makeup residues. In traditional facial treatment it is very important to determine the skin type with the help of a magnifying glass. Only after it is determined, we can agree on the type of the treatment or care. Before the deep cleansing, the skin is warmed and softened by steam. After that active preparation, peeling, is spread. The best part of traditional facial care follows – massage and facial mask. This part of traditional care includes the moments of the deepest relaxation, which by itself greatly contributes to the beauty of your face.