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Detoxification – removal of toxic substances from the body

Unhealthy diet is an extreme burden for our body, primarily for the internal – vitally important organs such as the heart, liver, stomach and bowels. Body’s first response to the long-term abuse of relative well-being, emotions and diet, is disturbed metabolism or digestion. This is perceptible in elevated cholesterol and sugar levels, hypertension, excessive temper and sleep disorders.

Because of the lack of time we often overlook the body’s warning signs and by doing so we risk a development of some serious disease in the later stage. Various body detoxification programs can help us to prevent such conditions. Detoxification is a method that helps us to eliminate toxic substances from our body. It uses water baths with electrolysis, massages and various medical preparations.

Detoxification effectively regulates cell balance of positive and negative ions that in turn accelerate the dispersion of unwanted toxins. Results of detoxification are renewed energy level, both physical and psychological and general feeling of well-being.