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Lendava Thermal Spa


Unique paraffin water

Lendava Spa is situated in a town with 800 year tradition. It used to be a part of the Amber Road, but today amber balls are substituted with thermo-mineral water springs, excellent gastronomy and wines, cycling, hiking, hunting and fishing on the effluents of river Mura. Real specificity of

this town and region is the spa, with its unique fossil medicinal thermo-mineral water. The water was discovered in late 1965, when during digging, instead of oil, hot water burst out. After a while the citizens realized that bathing in this water relieves the pain caused by aging.


All of our modernly furnished hotel rooms and apartments have been awarded three stars. The renovated Hotel Lipa offers 120 rooms, as well as access to a modern thermal swimming facility, establishments with select gourmet menus, a restaurant and a winter garden, a cozy tavern and landscaped terraces. Along with our spa and wellness services, we also offer a variety of saunas. Hotel Lipa takes pride in being named a bicyclist and walker friendly hotel of third category. Our guests are also welcome to stay at our beautiful apartment settlement Lipov Gaj, located near the hotel, as well as in the Auto Camp Lipa.

Symptoms, spa treatment and wellness

The paraffin rich water of Lendava significantly differentiates itself from other thermal springs in this part of Europe. Its composition as sodium hydrogen carbonate hyper-thermal water classifies it as fossil oil water with a 62 degrees Celsius temperature at spring. The high percentage of paraffin it contains gives the water a green hue, as well making it beneficial to your skin. The thermal water of Lendava is also very effective in relieving and treating all kinds of rheumatic illnesses, post-injury or post-operative conditions and recovery of the locomotor system and peripheral nerves, burns and psoriasis, as well as chronic inflammations of female reproductive organs. The healing power of Lendava's thermal water is used for spa treatments, prevention, rehabilitation, recreation and relaxation.
Treatments in Lendava Spa are available in the form of water gymnastics in pools filled with therapeutic thermo-mineral water and herbal baths with heat retaining paraffin pads which are placed on the ailing spot. The spa's expert staff also offer a variety of other therapeutic treatments: hydrotherapy, mechanotherapy, thermotherapy, electrotherapy, magnetic therapy and kinesiotherapy. You can supplement the sequence of various aquatic adventures at Terme Lendava with a visit to a sauna or one of the relaxation or esthetic wellness programs which include aromatherapy, hot stones massage, all available in individual sessions. Our novelties include Thai and Tuina massage and acupuncture.
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