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Olimia Thermal Spa


Dreams of regenerated living

Our complete wellness selection along with the most prestigious Orhidelia Wellness, excellent health programs, aquatic adventures, sauna relaxation, recreational options, clean air and tranquility make up the mozaic of regenerated living in Olimia Spa, located in Obsotelj, the heart of Kozjansko. According to oral tradition, the healing power of local water was known even among ancient Celts and Romans, while the monks of The Order of Saint Paul the First Hermit used it for medicinal purposes. It is beneficial to rheumatic ailments, skin diseases, blood circulation disorders, post-operative recovery and bone and muscle injuries. Everyone can find room here for recreation, contemplation and rest.


Providing you a care-free stay at Olimia Spa are two four-star hotels: Wellness Hotel Sotelia, which has been awarded the Plečnik Prize, and the renovated Hotel Breza. Both have been designed for those who demand the best and wish to be in close contact with nature. Also available are the four-star Aparthotel Rosa and Nature camp site, as well as a three-star apartment settlement Vas Lipa for those who wish to escape the hotel ambience, which consists of 25 houses and 136 apartments.


Symptoms, spa treatment and wellness


The natural healing remedy of Olimia Spa is thermal water, with temperatures ranging from 24 to 36 degrees Celsius. It is extracted from a 520 meters deep well which is situated on the are of the Natura camp site and the Aqualuna thermal park. The temperatures at spring range from 24 to 44 degrees Celsius. The temperature in the pools is achieved by mixing water from multiple springs. With the help of the thermal water and our expert staff, we offer all kinds of water based therapy to help you alleviate recovery from injuries, illnesses and operations, strenghten your muscles, organs and body, and have you feeling well again in record time. The water is also beneficial to skin diseases and illnesses of peripheral nerves. We also offer various preventive anti-rheumatic programs, as well as programs suited to managers.

Olimia Spa is the starting point of wellness oriented living. Wellness is a philosophy which encompasses various means of invigorating the body and spirit. It is a way of enabling the maintanence of health and well-being and helping you improve the quality of your life. We are proud of our lastest and luxurious acquistion – Wellness Orhidelia, the most prestigious world of thermal pleasure. You can use the pools to dive into a beautiful aquatic world and relax in the embrace of water drops. Also available are several kinds of saunas. Wellness Orhidelia was shortlisted among 11 finalists in the "Holiday" category of World Architecture Festival in 2009.

An abundance of pleasure and relaxation is also offered in the Wellness Centre Termalia, which is a real oasis of saunas, massages and pools. At the disposal of our guests are over 2.000 square meters of indoor and outdoor swimming facilities.
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