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Radenci Health Resort


In the kingdom of three hearts and mineral springs


Radenci Spa is located in the northeastern Slovenia, 5 kilometers from Gornja Radgona at the Austrian border and 12 kilometers from Murska Subota. Legends say that the path for the mineral water in the Radenci Spa is paved by the diligent elves. Karl Henn was listening to the underground ripples in 1833, when he visited Radenci for the first time. After detailed water analysis, he came back to Radenci as an acknowledged doctor and filled a first bottle with Radenska mineral water in 1869. It was later delivered to the imperial court in Vienna and to the pope in Rome. First guests visited Radenci almost 130 years ago, or in the year of 1882 to be more exact.



Radenci Spa takes pride in with its two modernly equipped hotel complexes.
A four star Hotel Radin is the central hotel of the spa complex and it’s connected with Izvir hotel, thermal swimming pool part and health and wellness centre through a hallway. Most of the single-bed rooms in Radin have French beds, and the specificity of the two-bed private rooms is that they have an extra bed. In 2009. we renovated the three star Izvir hotel, which is perfect for discrete relaxation. Everyone who wants to supplement the therapeutic gift of water with body care and strengthening of body immunity will find various activities and feel-good programs in the hotel.


Symptoms, spa treatment and wellness


Radenci Spa is known worldwide for its mineralized water. Mineral water Radenska is sodium-calcium-hydrogen-carbonate mineral water and its CO2 concentration make it one of the most abundant mineral waters in Europe. It has multiple therapeutic and beneficial effects on our body: stabilizes blood pressure, precipitates digestion, neutralizes excessive gastric acid, lowers the uric acid values, increases urine excretion and strengthens the body and well being in general. Mineral water helps with different heart and blood vessel diseases: arterial hypertension, stable angina pectoris, conditions after suffering a heart attack, conditions after heart and blood vessels surgeries, obstructed peripheral arterial and vein circulation. Mineral water is used in water-intake therapies and mineral baths. The temperature of the mineral bath is 30-33 degrees Celsius, it lasts from 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the individual. A significant therapeutic factor in Radenci spa is also the sweet water mud. Peloid compress has a soothing effect, alleviates the pain and has a positive effect on chronic inflammations. Radenci Spa is also known as a bioclimatic spa, with more than 250 sunny days a year.
Zdravilišče Radenci
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SI-9252 Radenci
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