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Rogaška Slatina Health Resort


Four centuries of excellence


Rogaška Slatina is an old spa destination with four centuries of tradition. It’s located in the east of Slovenia and is one of the most beautiful european health resorts. It is specialized for treatment of gastroenterological and metabolic diseases. Legend says that the Greek god Apollo commanded the mythical winged horse Pegasus to strike its hoof against the ground. Rogaška spring flowed from that spot the same day, spring of health and pure divine power. That healing power of Donat Mg is known even today. The spa’s true prosperity starts in the second half of 19th century, when this fashionable tourist destination was visited by imperial families and nobility from all of Europe. Today, the Rogaška Spa is known for its largest medical centre in Slovenia with 40 doctors specialists and the most complete offer for health and beauty. Rogaška Spa has an impressive central treatment park which is one of the finest examples of clear classicist concept of pure lines in urbanism and architecture.





Hotel Slatina Medical welcoming you to the wonderful environment of the forest and promenade,in the centre of the health spa of Rogaška Slatina and in the immediate vicinity of the thermal baths. It is the only spa centre in Slovenia which focuses on disease prevention, the continued treatment and rehabilitation of gastroenterological patients and patients with metabolic disorders. The hotel has a clinic with 24-hour medical supervision. Relaxation centre with massages, baths and fango wraps offers a complete programme for relaxation and health. Has 59 beds: in single and double rooms with air-conditioning. To satisfy all the senses, the Hotel Slatina Medical pampers with its excellent and expertly supervised diet cooking, which is distinguished by natural meals of controlled origin.



Symptoms, spa treatment and wellness


Rogaška Slatina Health Resort is known for its world famous magnesium source. Drinking of healing mineral water Donat Mg at the spring in the Mineral water Pavilion at the Rogaška Medical Centre helps with digestive system, liver, biliary, pancreas, nervous system and heart and blood vessel diseases. It has a beneficiary effect on blood sugar concentration; it is infallible with obstruction removal, obesity, heartburn and excessive production of gastric acid. We have the largest medical centre in Slovenia with state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained staff. In Rogaška Medical centre we do specialists examinations, diagnostics and programs of prevention for managers. We have shaped efficient health programs for our guests: weight loss, fasting, alleviating chronic gastroenterological problems, anti-stress programs, programs for alleviating diabetes problems, cholesterol. They are based on physiotherapy, kinesiotherapy, medical and therapeutic massages, nutrition consultation and natural balneotherapy that includes drinking water therapy with water from the healing springs, baths, fango – mud and other wraps. Programs for youthful look, skin rejuvenation, cosmetics, body shaping, premature skin aging signs and aesthetic plastic surgery. We also have hand and vein surgery.
A comprehensive programme of rehabilitation in Hotel Slatina Medical includes:
1. Drinking Donat Mg natural mineral water,
2. Balenotherapy and physical medicine,
3. Psychological support and treatment,
4. Dietotherapy and prophylaxis,
5. Professional care and 24-hour medical supervision,
6. Health education and secondary prevention,
7. Diagnostics.


Medical center Rogaška
Zdraviliški trg 9
SI-3250 Rogaška Slatina
Tel.: +386 3 811 70 15