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Terme 3000 Moravske Toplice


Splendor of experiences

On the green plains of Prekmurje in north-east Slovenia, some 50 years ago seekers of black gold unexpectedly stumbled across geothermal water instead of oil. They found bathing in it invigorated their organisms, improved their blood circulation and lessened nervous tension while their complexions tanned more quickly when exposed to the sun. Today Spa 3000 in Moravske Toplice are one of Slovenia's most famous thermal destinations which offers relaxation, spa programs and wellness services with a scent of Prekmurje, but also plays host to business meetings and camping vacations. Guests are lured here not only by the opulence of thermo-mineral water, but also by the unique cuisine of Prekmurje and its exquisite wines.


Spa 3000 has three hotels at their disposal: the five-star Hotel Livada Prestige and the four-star Ajda and Termal; an apartment and tourist settlement and a camp, totaling at 1.400 vacancies. Livada Prestige is the first five-star hotel in Europe to offer total relaxation in "black" thermo-mineral water in its rooms. Each hotel has its own swimming facilities where you can enjoy the beneficial effects of natural black thermo-mineral water. The tourist bungalow village is made up of romantic thatched houses, which, along with the nearby apartment settlement, reflects the typical elements of architecture in Prekmurje. The camp and its 430 vacancies are available all year round and are situated in the close proximity to the water facilities of Spa 3000.


Symptoms, spa treatment and wellness


The healing power hidden in the black thermo-mineral water of Spa 3000 is the foundation of its tourist appeal. Bathing in the water has favorable effects on various kinds of rheumatism, and is recommended for post-injury and post-operative recovery of the locomotor system, while it also benefits treatments of some skin diseases. The black thermo-mineral water of Moravske Toplice has been named a natural healing remedy back in 1964. The temperature at spring, which is located between 1175 and 1467 meters below ground, is 72 degrees Celsius. The water is blurry and salty, and smells vaguely of oil. It is unique throughout Europe and the rest of the world because a few kinds of thermal water reach such high temperatures. The heat is exactly what makes the "black gold" of Moravske Toplice even more precious. Spa 3000 offer many health and well-being i proving options in its Thermalium centre, such as various wellness and therapeutic services. You can also pay a visit to the Thai centre in Hotel Livada Prestige, which offers cutting-edge Thai massages and treatments.

Only in the Thermalium wellness centre in Spa 3000 will you be able to afford your body unique baths and massages which you could not find in other wellness centers. Among favourites is the Panonnian bath in natural thermo-mineral water. Massages are unique as well as colored with local character, such as the pumpkin seed oil massage and others which use oil from Pannonian meadows. Beside the aforementioned, we offer a variety of exotic massages: Hawaiian, gold leaf, hot stone, Ayurvedic and other massages.
Terme 3000 Moravske Toplice
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SI-9226 Moravske Toplice
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