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Terme Portorož


The Terme with a sea view

Portorož was a noted health resort already in the 13th century. Back then, Benedictine monks from St Lawrence monastery cured rheumatism, obesity and oedema with sea water and brine. In addition, they devised the first methodology of treatment with natural medicinal elements from the Sečovlje salt pans. Pilgrims also treated themselves by rubbing mud on their bodies, sunbathing and swimming in the brine at the end. Nowadays we, at the Terme Portorož, continue the tradition of treatment with natural medicinal elements. Our offer features all the advantages and natural resources of the Sečovlje salt pans, the sea, the Mediterranean climate, ancient sciences as well as the most advanced medical knowledge and equipment.


The state-of-the-art five-star hotel in Portorož, the Mind Hotel Slovenija, reveals the 800-year-old local story of Mind Cultivation and the cultivation of wonderful white crystals of salt (Salt Cultivation). Situated on Portorož’s main promenade, just a stone’s throw away from the sea, and surrounded with pine trees, the hotel boasts 144 rooms of ultimate luxury, enabling the guests to retreat to complete relaxation, to the lush green Istrian countryside, to the blueness of the Mediterranean and to the crystal reflections of the nearby salt pans. Furthermore, our four-star hotels – the Socializing Hotel Mirna, Act-ION Hotel Neptun and Wellness Hotel Apollo – as well as the two four-star superior hotels – Grand Hotel Portorož and Hotel Riviera – are suitable for individuals, young couples, businessmen and families. These hotels have many qualities, two of them being the top-class Mediterranean gastronomy and close proximity to the sea. Against surcharge, the hotel guests may use all the services of seven different wellness centres of the Terme Portorož as all the hotels are connected with the spa and wellness complex by means of a covered corridor.

Symptoms, spa treatment and wellness


The Terme Portorož is an established Slovenian natural health resort with over 110 years of spa tradition and 800 years of alternative-medicine tradition. We offer our guests the most comprehensive spa, medical and wellness offer in Europe. Furthermore, our Terme is absolutely unique due to the use of five local natural medicinal elements: salt pan mud – fango, brine – Aqua Madre, the Mediterranean climate, sea and thermal-mineral water.  They all come from the salt pans in vicinity and are noted for a high content of medicinal elements, diversity and a wide range of uses. At the Terme, we treat the guests suffering from defects and diseases of the locomotor system, skin diseases, neurological and respiratory diseases as well as gynaecological problems.
Our services combine the most advanced medical knowledge and ancient sciences. At the Shakti-Ayurveda Centre we perform traditional Ayurvedic massages and therapies – tailored to European standards – that are performed by certified Indian therapists and Ayurvedic professionals. Furthermore, the guests may visit the first and one of the biggest centres for traditional Thai massage – the Wai Thai Centre. In the authentic Thai ambience, the guests may choose from a variety of therapies, such as therapies with selected essential oils and extracts from Thai herbs, fruit and flowers. Therapies are performed by professional Thai therapists.
Terme Portorož
Obala 33
SI-6320 Portorož
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