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Thermana Laško


In the company of good feeling

Mysterious strength of Laško thermal springs was familiar even to the Ancient Romans. Since then, Laško Spa has developed into one of the most modern centers of health and wellness tourism and Laško thermal water helped a great number of people in restoring health and maintain their wellbeing. We have a great history, a 156 years of tradition, through which, with help of medicinal thermal water, we developed into a modern and quality center of health and wellness tourism. Our programs are shaped to be your fellow-traveler through all of your life stages according to your needs.


Our hotels have excellent equipment. Two of the hotels are four-star rank and one is three-star rank. Together they have 764 beds. The new Thermana Park Hotel is the latest acquisition in already existing complex of Laško thermal spa. It has modernly decorated exterior and interior and comfortable and sophisticated accommodation capacity. Zdravilišče Laško Hotel is designed without architectural barriers, and with this approach it is appropriate for guests with disadvantages. Some rooms are adjusted to people with mobility issues who need medical supervision and care. Hum Hotel has an age-long tradition of quality in catering and hotel business, offering the comfort of an urban hotel with wellness programs and congress tourism.

Symptoms, spa treatment and wellness

At Laško spa, we enhanced the medicinal thermal water with excellent medical knowledge and designed recognizable preventive and rehabilitation programs. The medicinal effect of the thermal spring is proven through age-long experience of treatments of hypertension, chronic joint and spine inflammation, heavy injuries and disability of extremities. We offer exercises of water walking, underwater spray massages, and common procedure in thermal water treatment are pearl baths. Kneipp pool is a specialty. We have active clinics for physiatry, orthopedics, neurology, neurosurgery, cardiology and dermatology. We perform balneotherapy, kinesitherapy, electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, magnet-and-laser therapy and working therapy. We created a number of programs for our patients for treating back pain, for people with multiple sclerosis, for healthy spine and preserving health. Our expert staff performs regenerative rehabilitation for patients with paraplegia and cardiovascular diseases. We offer a 24-hour care when needed and enable our patients a longer stay at the spa.

In order to enable our patients accomplishing wellness and healthy way of living philosophy, we opened up a wellness spa center in 2008 where we created new attractive programs, founded on diversity and quality and directed to a single goal-to give our guests more than they expect.
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